Today is the official launch of my new book, Hard Decisions Made Easy. As part of the launch, you can download the Kindle version for just 99c (plus local taxes) for the next two days (Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 May). You can also order the Paperback for about AU$24.

I wrote the book based on more than 15 years’ experience helping some of the largest and most influential organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom make difficult decisions that involve budgets in the billions and impact millions of stakeholders.

I know that making complex decisions can seem hard – and making them stick may feel impossible.

Business leaders must consider multiple factors and opinions, negotiate with numerous stakeholders and implement decisions successfully.

Hard Decisions Made Easy sets out effective and practical ways to tackle the twin challenges of this process: balancing non-financial and financial outcomes, and getting stakeholders on board.

My book will help you to:

  • Make seemingly impossible decisions with confidence
  • Succeed in balancing tangible and intangible outcomes
  • Engage stakeholders positively and win their support
  • Get your decisions to stick

Grab your copy of Hard Decisions Made Easy and let’s transform the way the world makes decisions!

Launch day: Hard Decisions Made Easy
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