Building Decision Capability

Every organisation is impacted by decisions their staff make, every day.

Consistent, transparent, collaborative decision-making is possible across each and every organisation through the provision of Decision Thinking tools and training.

The introduction of Decision Thinking to an organisation is transformational. We specialise in designing and implementing capability building programmes that inspire, inform and instil Decision Thinking.

Our approach is scalable and can be applied to whole organisations, within divisions or projects, across leadership teams, and more.  Depending on requirements, a programme can last 6 hours, 6 weeks or 6 years!

Our Decision Capability programmes commonly follow a five-phase framework, with individual elements designed to meet the complexity requirements of the organisation.

For example, here is a programme we developed for a multi-national corporate organisation, who was experiencing significant growth and wanted to mature the decision-making capability of its cohort of 50+ leaders globally.

1. Investigate: Identify the key decisions being made by the cohort and how these impact the organisation, as well as other outcomes that we care about.

Benchmark: Assess the current performance of these decisions and capability of the cohort.

2. Inspire: Inspirational keynote to open cohort to the concept of Decision Thinking and demonstrate its application.

3. Inform: Introduction to Decision Thinking principles and tools.

4. Instil: Decision Thinking in practice. Supported, practical application of Decision Thinking via real-world problems being experienced by the cohort

5. Invigorate: Consolidate Decision Thinking learnings, cohort share experience and present achievements.

Benchmark: Re-assess performance of decisions and capability of cohort.

Our Decision Capability Programme delivers both organisation-wide and individual learning outcomes, such as:

Business outcomes: Everyone empowered and pulling in the same direction

  • Confidence in delivering the strategy
  • Increased collaboration
  • Clear understanding of trade-offs
  • Greater transparency
  • Higher decision consciousness

Learning Outcomes: Every participant will

  • Be able to make decisions confidently and ethically, considering all financial and non-financial outcomes.
  • Understand the core principles of Decision Thinking and how to put them into practice to behave decisively.
  • Be able to make more robust, transparent decisions in situations involving multiple stakeholders, diverse perspectives, bias, difficult situations and controversial issues.

As part of the Decision Thinking Operating System, or as a standalone programme, building decision capability is a proven way to supercharge organisational performance.

We approached Catalyze as a way of understanding how we can make robust decisions in our decommissioning projects, to really try and understand what the best options are for some of our assets…..[Catalyze were] very professional and really helped working with us through our silly questions, helping us develop our own process and really being able to provide those insights into the way that decisions are being made, and how we can draw from [their] experience into how we want to develop our own process and our own guideline and use of the guideline internally.

Kate Swain

Woodside, Environment Group

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