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About Catalyze

What we do

Catalyze works closely with leaders in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to help them do more with less, make impossible trade-offs, optimise their budget, select the best option overall and develop organisational strategy.

We achieve this by applying Decision Thinking.

Decision Thinking is a way of looking at the world through the lens of what decisions need to be made, in order to cause action.  When you adopt Decision Thinking, you don’t see problems – you see decisions that need to be made, and a clear way to make them.

Catalyze are experts in applying Decision Thinking to complex problems and seemingly impossible scenarios.  We do this by designing, implementing and facilitating structured decision-making processes and programmes that are underpinned by the core principles of Decision Thinking.

Our work commonly falls into three categories: making decisions, assuring decision outcomes and building decision capability .

“Problems are just decisions waiting to be made”

“The process [Catalyze ran] was excellent and we are committed to further refining it and embedding it into our planning and decision-making process going forward. For the first time we have been in a position to make prioritisation decisions against a robust methodology centred around what we’re seeking to achieve across the system and our strategic priorities”

Pete Miskimmin

Chief Executive, Sport NZ

Why we do it

Catalyze is committed to transforming the way leaders make complex decisions that impact our world.  We seek to apply Decision Thinking to the greatest challenges we face in our communities, governments, businesses and nations so that the globe benefits from the results of better decision-making.

We are doing this because it’s critical and because we want a world that works, where people are engaged, money is spent wisely, resources aren’t wasted. Without a decision, nothing changes, and with a decision made badly the consequences can be significant.

There is a way to make decisions that stick and to make them well, and we know how – by applying conscious, transparent, collaborative, structured decision making, “Decision Thinking”. Yet time and again we find bad decision making, decisions made by chance not by design, decisions that don’t stick and don’t deliver what’s wanted – we can’t stand by while this is happening.

We won’t rest until conscious, structured decision making is the norm.

Who we are

The Catalyze team is made up of professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, with one thing in common – we all geek out on decision-making.  We live by the principles of Decision Thinking and push ourselves to invite more diversity, transparency and integrity in what we do.

We are a mix of ex-senior public servants and military officers, transformational leaders, communicators, entrepreneurs, academics, tech-adopters and life-long learners.

We celebrate uniqueness in being, view and voice.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to who we are and what we provide.

We nurture equity and connection and embrace the innovation that a diverse culture creates.

We are unified by our shared passion and commitment to excellence.

We promote and value the differences that race, religion, colour, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic disposition, neurodiversity, disability and experience add to Decision Thinking.

We always welcome feedback and are grateful for the opportunity to learn and do better.

Meet the team

Paul Gordon
CEO & Technical Director

Edward Poot

Director, New Zealand & Client Delivery Lead

Belinda Newham

Director, Australia & Marketing Lead

Don Gomez
Consultant, Canberra

Tapio Sorsa
Consultant, Wellington & Chief Information Officer

Shona Bernard-Chandler
Consultant, Sydney & HR Lead

Jessica Oses
Marketing Coordinator

Our Values

Our values are our promise to each other, our clients, partners, and suppliers. 


Professional, high performing, high quality, masterful


Dedicated, devoted, loyal, integrity


Client-centric, collaborative, transparent, responsible, having it all

Our give backs

Our commitment to global transformation is reflected in our support to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through the B1G1 Business for Good program.

Our interactions with clients and other business activities drive our giving program – and we are proud to watch our humble contribution rise!