Social Process

Decisions are made by people – not by methods, visualisations or data. By people.

At Catalyze, we leverage the power of people in our application of Decision Thinking by designing, implementing and facilitating processes that invite stakeholders in.  In fact, active stakeholder participation is one of the core principles of Decision Thinking.

If bringing together stakeholders with vastly different views sounds too challenging, then you haven’t met us!

Our expert facilitators create structured discussions that have participants align on their sense of ‘value’ and allow the decision to emerge.  There is no pre-determined outcome and no cursory consultation. Stakeholders actively participate in the decision process, and the outcome is all the better for it.

Methodologically speaking, this is known as Decision Conferencing, and Catalyze are global leaders in its application.  With our roots in academia and vast experience in real-world practice, we help even the most unlikely combinations of stakeholders have a say – and be heard – in decisions that matter to them.

Decision Conferencing is a social process to:

  • Establish a shared understanding of project issues
  • Develop a sense of common purpose
  • Understand different perspectives and objectives
  • Gain agreement & commitment to the way forward from those implementing the decisions

The result? Decisions that consider value from all lenses, and stakeholders that feel a sense of ownership over the result and are more committed to implementation.

“Decisions are made by people, not computers”


From previous experience with Catalyze, I’ve come to ‘trust the process’… which resulted in good healthy discussions amongst the range of stakeholders present and a product that we can use for our future business needs.

Bob Alkema

National Manger Investment, New Zealand Transport Agency

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