Assuring Decision Outcomes

What good is a decision if it doesn’t stick?

Through application of the Decision Thinking principles, we provide clients with assurance that the decisions they’ve made will be realised.  Our highly structured approach is designed to maximise achievement of the identified benefits and ensure that implementation is aligned with the original decision made or adjusted only with explicit consideration by stakeholders.

The active participation of stakeholders in this process allows flexibility and agility, with the capacity to validly reconsider decisions in light of changes in context or new alternative options being identified – even after the decision has been made.  This is particularly impactful where further budget pressures, unforeseen challenges or opportunities, and new stakeholders are identified within the implementation cycle.

We tailor our approach to fit within our clients’ existing governance and project management frameworks, and leverage already established steering groups and other mechanisms where it makes sense.

While individual plans are designed with our client’s bespoke requirements, our recommended assurance framework usually includes:

  1. 90-day ‘check ins’ with stakeholders to review/ reset decisions
  2. Opportunity to consider new initiatives/ projects/ activities on an ongoing basis (as part of 90-day check ins)
  3. Support to the project team through monthly meetings and ‘on call’ advice
  4. 90-day Decision Assurance reports from Catalyze which provide an independent view of the implementation of decisionsOur approach supports decisions that have been made through a variety of methods, including via the P5 Decision Framework, and it complements change management and project management techniques.

Assuring decision outcomes takes a theoretical choice, benefit, strategy or portfolio and brings it to life.

The Catalyze process really helped us map our future. Through their guidance we garnered wide, meaningful participation in the process resulting in a clear long-term strategic plan.

Kevin Tso

Chief Executive, Victim Support

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