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Catalyze exists to transform the way the world makes decisions that matter …

… giving confidence and clarity to every decision.

Decision Making

As a person, we make thousands of decisions every day from the mundane to the complex. As organisations, this process is far tougher.

With more complexity, often competing resources and stakeholders, making decisions in a government department, a corporation or a non-profit is frankly, much harder than it looks.

And rightly so.

After all, these decisions can impact hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and indeed, sometimes millions of people, so at Catalyze we are here to simply help you make your decision in a way that works.

Add the fact that these decisions can cost dearly in capital resources, opex or indeed, in people and process, to say there is a lot riding on getting it right, is, somewhat of an understatement.

Indeed, the risks are multi-level from the financial to reputational and organisational.

That’s why it’s critical to make your decision in a way that properly and appropriately considers ALL aspects and impacts, including money – the financials of course – and beyond money, to those less tangible matters but often as important, like people and process that round out a comprehensive decision, made well.

Our Impact


Active Years

Decisions Impacted

Billion Affected

Return on


At Catalyze we bring our deep expertise to bear on any problem and any subsequent decision set, to increase outcomes, reduce risk, and drive value for money – in fact, our aim is to ensure you make decisions that lift the return on your investment in your organisation or project by up to 30%.

Consider then, if you have $10M or $10Bn to invest in a decision, working the Catalyze methodology will help you identify and choose THE decision that will give you results like an additional $3M or $3Bn in value add, making your initial budget stretch that much further for the benefit of all.


Interesting right? Who knew decision analysis could make that kind of impact?

Well, actually, we did. And we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and your key stakeholders soon to make THE difference to your organisation.

Employing Decision Science

Proven process, principles and tools to aid effective decisions at the highest level


Allowing qualitative and quantitative data to be combined


Providing robust, transparent and auditable evidence


Helping eliminate biases and ill informed decisions


Aiding fast and efficient decision making

How You & Your Organisation Can Benefit  

At Catalyze, we understand that every critical decision in an organisation is unique to that organisation, its critical outcomes, culture, services, budgets, stakeholders and more.

To give you the best possible result, we support you through a range of services and offerings, tailored to you. We do that by designing and delivering bespoke structured group decision processes, supported by world leading proprietary software and tools.

Our established track record of enabling our clients to achieve mission critical results – whether its working a budget, improving shareholder value, making the world a better place or all three – tells us the best results are delivered through an effective decision-making process that truly engages people and aligns teams, departments and organisations.

Our methods are people focused, inclusive and transparent and build on robust and validated industry leading decision theory.

Catalyze Funding & Catalyze Strategy

Our approach to Strategic Reviews, Baseline Reviews are also known by some in the public sector as a Policy, Capability and Funding Review. This service, which we have successfully used in both public and private sector settings determines the best possible future for an organisation to deliver on strategy and within funding,  policy or other constraints.

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Catalyze Prioritisation

Typically called Project Portfolio Prioritisation or Portfolio Prioritisation, this service is about selecting the best value for money portfolio of projects, initiatives or interventions within a funding, resourcing or other organisational constraint (such as capacity for change).

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Catalyze Investment

When looking at a capital or other investment, Departments, Agencies or Teams are often asked to prepare a Business Case regarding the Investment. This service is about determining and completing an Options Analysis for your Business Case.

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Catalyze Assessment

This service is offered when you have a complex problem. This is what we would call Options Analysis – Speciality. This is more than providing materials for Business Case, whilst that happens here, in this Assessment we’ll often be helping you work out even how you would create a range of credible options in a challenging problem.

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Catalyze Solutions

This is about determining the best possible systems configuration or solution within a particular constraint.  This is typically a one-off problem or challenge and constraints can be financial, space, weight, people resources or multi-faceted.

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Catalyze Oil & Gas

Leading and supporting decision-making in the decommissioning space. This service is about determining the best option for a final solution as infrastructure is decommissioned, typically in the Oil & Gas sector, however applicable for other sector decommissioning.

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Catalyze Advisory

Sometimes clients get great benefit from help in standing back and getting clarity and confidence on which approach to take.  In this instance, clients use Catalyze to help structure their thinking on the challenges or problems they face and what the decisions involved might look like and how they could be made. A good process or plan can be a good portion of the challenge resolved.

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Catalyze Education & Training

From time to time, organisations want to train and develop their leaders and executives in the art of Decision Science. This can be Executive Education in complex decision making techniques or training for operational staff in such techniques as particular Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Decision Conferencing.  

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Our Leading Experts

At Catalyze we have a strong experienced team of consultants, lead facilitators, technical partners, decision scientists and software engineers. The depth of this team allows us to apply the most appropriate resource to meet our clients’ requirements.

Paul Gordon

Principal Consultant and CEO Catalyze

Paul is a Principal Consultant and CEO of Catalyze APAC; his roles include facilitation, design and implementation of decision-making and decision-support processes, senior client and stakeholder engagement, programme management and business development.

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Edward Poot

New Zealand Director

Edward is a Principal Consultant and manages Catalyze’s operations in New Zealand.  Edward designs decision-making and decision support processes, works with client teams to implement them and facilitates key decision-making events.  Edward’s roles also include senior client and stakeholder engagement, programme management and leading business development and relationship management in New Zealand.

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Award Winning Results

Industry Leadership

From time to time the clients we serve or the Decision Science sector itself, awards firms like Catalyze for outstanding work and industry leadership.  Catalyze is proud to have been an award winner, just as we are pictured here …

The Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry were established by the New Zealand Defence Industry Advisory Council (NZDIAC) to highlight and reward the contribution made by industry to Defence.

Catalyze (Asia-Pacific) Ltd, nominated by the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), received the “Category B: The provision of superior services to Defence” Award for the Defence Mid-Point Rebalancing Review facilitation.

A Catalyze case study describes how the NZDF Defence Mid-point Rebalancing Review (DMRR) enabled the NZDF to understand the trade-offs between funding, defence capability and defence policy required to deliver the desired outputs set out in the White Paper.

The Catalyze team being awarded the “The Provision of Superior Services to Defence” Award 

Catalyze is proud to be a provider on the following panels:

Australian Government’s Digital Marketplace, Standing Offer Notice (SON) number SON3413842, available to Whole of Government.
New Zealand Government’s Consultancy Services, available to All of Government.

Delivering results for our Clients

"The Type 26 Global Combat Ship will be a multi-mission warship designed for joint and multinational operations… and will play a major role in the defence of this country for many years."

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, First Sea Lord

"The Defence Mid-Point Rebalancing Review (DMRR) process was robust, analytically sound, and data-driven. It has been identified as an exemplar for other Government departments to follow."

Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Defence and Minister of State Services

"From previous experience with Catalyze, I’ve come to ‘trust the process’…which resulted in good healthy discussions amongst the range of stakeholders present and a product that we can use for our future business needs."

Bob AlkemaManaging Director, Catalyze (UK), NZTA

"I feel I have a much broader appreciation of the perspectives and concerns of other stakeholders. I also understand the complex nature of the decision being faced."

Shell Workshop Participant

“The Catalyze process really helped us map our future. Through their guidance we garnered wide, meaningful participation in the process resulting in a clear long term strategic plan.”

Kevin TsoChief Executive, Victim Support

“The process [Catalyze ran] was excellent and we are committed to further refining it and embedding it into our planning and decision making processes going forward. For the first time, we have been in a position to make prioritisation decisions against a robust methodology centred around what we’re seeking to achieve across the system and our strategic priorities.”

Pete MiskimminChief Executive, Sport NZ

Our Give Back

At Catalyze, we believe in giving back and contributing wherever we can to make a difference. At Catalyze, we do that by supporting the UN Sustainable Goals.

This means for example, each and every time we engage clients, successfully complete a bespoke project with a client, send an invoice or bring a new team member – we give to non-profit projects around the world who are actively fulfilling on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, through our lifetime partnership with B1G1 – Business for Good and the B1G1 platform.  

These wonderful ‘giving impacts’ as they’re called, are our way of participating directly in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals while doing what we love.

At Catalyze, we believe that it is important to give back that’s why we are part of the incredible ‘B1G1 – Business for Good’. B1G1 lets us impact incredible non-profit projects making a massive and life changing difference all over the world.



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