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The Decision Clinic is a new podcast series hosted by Paul Gordon, CEO and Founder of Catalyze APAC.

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We deliver highly specialised and bespoke consulting and training solutions across the Asia-Pacific to help organisations make decisions, assure decision outcomes and build decision capability.

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We are proud of, and humbled by, the feedback of our clients.  You can find out more about these client outcomes and others by reviewing our case studies.

"It was very rich and insightful, and my initial perception is that the Masterclass was exceptional. The speakers were very knowledgeable, approachable and inviting to participate. At no point there was a wrong or right answer, but a psychological process of how we got to that conclusion – which I found fascinating. I took away valuable lessons to apply to my role in supporting coherent decision making, but also for myself in how I approach my own decisions."

Masterclass participant from Air New Zealand

"The Type 26 Global Combat Ship will be a multi-mission warship designed for joint and multinational operations… and will play a major role in the defence of this country for many years."

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, GCB, OBE, ADC, DL, First Sea Lord (Retd), UK Royal Navy

"The Defence Mid-Point Rebalancing Review (DMRR) process was robust, analytically sound, and data-driven. It has been identified as an exemplar for other Government departments to follow."

Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Defence and Minister of State Services

"From previous experience with Catalyze, I’ve come to ‘trust the process’…which resulted in good healthy discussions amongst the range of stakeholders present and a product that we can use for our future business needs."

Bob AlkemaManaging Director, New Zealand Transport Agency

"I feel I have a much broader appreciation of the perspectives and concerns of other stakeholders. I also understand the complex nature of the decision being faced."

Shell Workshop Participant

“The Catalyze process really helped us map our future. Through their guidance we garnered wide, meaningful participation in the process resulting in a clear long term strategic plan.”

Kevin TsoChief Executive, Victim Support

“The process [Catalyze ran] was excellent and we are committed to further refining it and embedding it into our planning and decision making processes going forward. For the first time, we have been in a position to make prioritisation decisions against a robust methodology centred around what we’re seeking to achieve across the system and our strategic priorities.”

Pete MiskimminChief Executive, Sport NZ

“Any conversation about ADHD with the health sector will be complicated and complex, especially when it is 20 years overdue. Catalyze and Edward Poot did a fantastic job offering a fresh perspective to the challenge and actually made it seem so easy. The workshop was simple and thoughtful and it achieved the impossible, a whole-of-sector response. While there is much work to be done, such a great start is key to its success. Thank you so much for your support.”

Darrin BullChairperson, ADHD New Zealand board

What’s in a name?

Finding the perfect name isn’t easy, and as soon as more than one person is involved, the process can become significantly complicated. In this Case Study, we explore how Catalyze resolved a decision-making gridlock by recognising and embracing the subjective and...

New Zealand Defence Force Develops a Balanced and Sustainable Defence Plan

The New Zealand Ministry of Defence (MoD) sets defence policy and the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is responsible for achieving the policy aims within that budget. In practice close cooperation and planning is required to achieve those aims. “The outcomes of that...

A Multi-Agency Strategy for Long-Term Sustainability

Three closely related government agencies in New Zealand, which work together to deliver interdependent objectives, were tasked by Ministers to present real options for their longterm sustainable resourcing and capability requirements – as a single ‘community’. Read...

Road Policing: A Shared Journey

New Zealand Police plays a critical part in helping to make roads safer and more efficient for all road users. It does this through the effective enforcement of traffic laws including alcohol and speed regulations; by promoting good driving practices; and through road...

Shell Engages Stakeholders to Inform Decommissioning Decision

The Brent field is situated 186km offshore, north-east of Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland, in a water depth of 140m, and has four large platforms; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. The Brent field was discovered in 1971. Oil production began in 1976, and then in the 1990s...

BAE Systems and MoD specify the Royal Navy’s next generation of warships

The multi-mission Type 26 Global Combat Ship, which is due to come into service after 2020, will be used by the Royal Navy in combat and counter piracy operations and to support humanitarian and disaster relief work around the world. The Type 26 has subsequently...

Victim Support: Creating a Brighter Future

Victim Support is an independent incorporated society that provides a free 24/7 community response to help victims of crime and trauma in New Zealand. It is focused on being there for victims and ensuring that victims feel empowered and restored. It is widely known...