Our CEO Paul Gordon speaks with Kylee Stone from the Uncharted Leader podcast, in a 5-part series taking listeners through hard decisions made easy, in a step-by-step guide to strategic decision-making.

Episode one creates the case for better decision making. As an individual, we make decisions every day. Some are spontaneous, like what restaurant to visit for dinner, and others, like buying a new home, require a lot more conscious planning, research and weighing up of options.

For organisational leaders this process of decision-making is much more amplified and complex. Although it’s an everyday part of a leader’s responsibilities, it’s often an area that is lacking in investment of  time and thinking .

What if the reason that we find ourselves deeply stressed, upset, frustrated, and thwarted in our ability to express good leadership was being caused by a lack of sound decision-making process?  If organisational leaders could learn to harness and master the skill of decision making, then just imagine how the relationships between senior leaders, middle management and their teams could improve. Not to mention the benefits in increasing staff satisfaction and impacting culture by having staff feel empowered through collaborative business decisions. There has never been a better time to start applying good decision making in your everyday!

Hard Decisions Made Easy. Part 1 of 5 with Paul Gordon, CEO Catalyze APAC

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This podcast is hosted by Kylee Stone, the CEO of The Performance Code and creator of The Uncharted Leader podcast. Kylee is a Senior Marketing Consultant, Brand Builder and Leadership Coach, specialising in leadership transformation, resilience and wellbeing. Kylee works with executive leaders and entrepreneurs to ignite their passion, grow their influence and amplify the impact they have in their community, organisations and the world. Find out more about The Performance Code and of The Uncharted Leader podcast.

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