Our CEO, Paul Gordon is featured in this episode of Dermaviduals, The Business of Skin podcast on the topic of Hard Decisions Made Easy.

When business owners are faced with a strategic decision like adding new product lines, starting a new service, or expanding into a new store, it’s easy to base decisions on current trends or the newest technology but this can lead to regret or poor returns on your investment. 

In this episode, Paul Gordon sheds light on how utilising a structured decision-making process can significantly improve your business objectives. Ensuring that the decisions you make are constantly aligned with your vision, strategy and purpose can help you execute great decisions, have them feel right and provide long-term value by keeping your stakeholders at the forefront of all your strategic decisions.

Listen to the podcast below:

About dermaviduals: Reika Roberts partnered with long-term friend Simone Vescio, to introduce Dermaviduals bespoke skincare in Australia and New Zealand.  Starting from their living room, they now have over 30 staff across Australia and New Zealand and are the staple brand in over 400 clinics. Their podcast is dedicated to helping Skin Care Professionals and anyone interested in learning about good skin care, health and wellness.

Find out more about dermaviduals here.

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