In an uncertain year – bushfires, pandemic and more – Catalyze remains focused on its commitment to better decision-making.  

We recently completed a free online workshop series to support individuals to bring their best game to addressing problems and maximising opportunities across all aspects of their lives.  You can review the full workshop schedule here .

Some of the challenges that people had been dealing with were:

  • Struggling with uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed with the rate of change
  • Grappling with how to establish and implement effective decision processes while dealing with remote work environments and increased responsibilities at home
  • Difficulty maintaining a ‘future’ focus on significant decisions, when the ‘here and now’ is so critical

Through the workshop series, experts guided participants through these challenge areas, providing access to deep expertise, practical tips, and tools to put in place to improve their decision making immediately.

Participants were privileged to hear from leaders in Strategy and Risk, Resilience and Leadership, and Flexibility and Agility in the workplace – all focused on preparing their mindset for better decision-making.

Catalyze CEO, Paul Gordon, presented two workshops that featured the fundamentals of Decision Thinking and its underpinning principles.    Participants received a worksheet to help them plan a structured decision process and had the opportunity to delve into areas such as bias and value, to get a better understanding of their own decision-making successes and pitfalls.

Off the back of the series, we received requests for Paul to deliver individual sessions within organisations and are scheduling these in the coming months.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in a Decision Thinking session in your organisation, or to attend our next open round of workshops. Get in touch with us via our contact form

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