Adding Value

At Catalyze APAC, we have taken the time to carefully articulate why our business exists, our vision and mission i.e. how we deliver with our team, for our incredible clients … all so that you can gather a greater sense of our purpose and who we are as leaders in Decision Science.

It’s also important to us, to give you a sense of what we value; both on the micro scale of how we operate on the ground and as a team in service of our clients potentially like yourself. And, on the macro scale, of making a difference in the world at large, based on the positive impact and flow on effects of the work we do and so greatly love.

Please do be sure to read on …


Our Reason for Being

To transform the way the world makes decisions that matter …
… giving confidence and clarity to every decision.


Our Size & Scope

We are world leading, known and sought after independent experts in the field of Decision Science including Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA).

Our clients are government Departments & Agencies, Corporates and leading Not for Profits. We work with organisations committed to making informed, robust decisions in the face of often constrained and finite resources – whether money, time or people – to produce the greatest value, positive outcomes and impact for all.

And by all we mean: our clients and those they serve; citizens, communities, teams and customers, the world over.

The quality of our processes, strategy work and positive impact on organisations and their mandates, continually grows our success, reputation and global demand. With an ever expanding, select client base, and strong revenues and profitability, we are well on our way to reaching our goal of positively impacting 1,000,000 decisions that matter.


How we achieve our Intention & Vision

We solve hard problems for and with our clients – day in and day out.

Problems of investment, return, risk, constraints of any nature, strategy, performance, complexity, systems, capability, tough decisions, even simply, a lack of clarity … and more.

After years of experience, it is crystal clear: virtually every problem ultimately comes downs to making one or more critical decisions to create the optimal solution.

We partner our clients to solve these problems and create market leading, defensible, solutions via our deep expertise in decision science and thought leadership. This is delivered through Catalyze online resources, speaking engagements, executive education, advisory and delivering often high visibility, small and large scale bespoke projects built on best in class decision making practices and proprietary software.

We transform standard decision making practices to maximise the value for money in the preferred solution and solve those hard problems.

We bring openness, flexibility, creativity and transparency to decision making processes, educating, adding value, creating shared understanding and an aligned commitment to the way forward on any critical decision; driving successful execution.

We have organisations 1) actively involve stakeholders and 2) move beyond considering JUST the dollars to considering everything that adds value – both financial and non-financial. Always.

And it works.

Our Catalyze Methodology typically delivers decisions that return up to 30% more value from your investment to your organisation.

To achieve that, we constantly attract best in class experts to join and contribute to Catalyze and the important work we do.  We have built an environment where people thrive and grow and experience being deeply valued for their contributions.

Together, as a collective of committed experts, we are playing the long game of transformation within the halls of power around the world. Making a difference to humanity, city by city, state by state, corporate by corporate and Government by Government … decision by decision.