Catalyze provides a range of business decision tools and decision modelling software… to support decision making processes. Tools don’t make decisions … people do!


Focus is a toolset to help organisations define, document, prioritise and deliver their portfolio of investments.

Successful organisations make strategic choices about which activities or projects should be implemented to deliver their vision. These choices form the strategic portfolio. Decisions at this level can significantly impact the success of the organisation.


Helping you get better value-for-money from your portfolio decisions

Equity3 is a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) tool for the PC that assists individual decision makers and organisations in obtaining better value-for-money when allocating limited resources and budgets. It is highly adaptive and can be used to address a variety of problem areas including R&D Investment, Marketing Portfolio Management, Project Prioritisation, Resource Allocation, Capital and Revenue Budgeting, Sales Territory Re-organisation and Negotiations. Equity3 is ideal for use with groups, as in Decision Conferences.


Hiview3 is a PC-based decision modelling tool that supports the appraisal and evaluation of options. It is equally effective for group decision making, such as decision conferences and for individual decisions. With a host of user-defined features, Hiview3 can be configured to address a variety of problem areas, supporting your specific business objectives. Hiview3 enables users to make effective decisions in areas such as Capital Projects, Policy Setting, Strategy Selection, Relocation Issues, Problem Solving and Budget Resourcing.